Cut the Clutter, Part 2 (AKA, The Pit of Despair)

Check out this post from Cut The Crap about how to declutter your house. Great points and logical advice!

Cut the Crap

Well, it’s time.  The moment has finally come.  Today, we are going to tackle… the Pit of Despair.  Every house has its own Pit of Despair, but they all look alike: Rubbermaid tubs that you’re going to unpack “eventually,” boxes that were dumped and sifted through in haste, piles of stuff that’s been sort of tossed through the doorway because, “I don’t know where else to put it.”  My Pit of Despair could go by many names, but we have elected to call it “the office.”  It has a computer, a printer, an aquarium for my turtles, book shelves, and everything else under the sun.

IMG_2627When we moved to this house over a year ago, all the boxes of stuff we weren’t sure what to do with went to the office.  Let’s be real… most of the boxes were just moved from the office of our previous apartment straight into the…

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