Let’s Bring It Back….Southern Gospel Music

I love music. Always have and I always will. I grew up in a very musical family where everyone but my  mother played an instrument. I play the violin, trumpet, bass guitar, piano, and mandolin. The rest of my family plays the trumpet, piano, and guitar, collectively. Most days, when we would return from school, my father would have us complete music theory worksheets, key/time signature flashcards, practice instruments, or sight read new music. The worksheets got old sometimes, but overall, we really enjoyed doing these activities.

One aspect of music that my parents worked hard to expose us to were singing conventions. Singing conventions are when singers from all over the Southern United States come together to sing out of song books. The conventions usually last around 5 hours (including lunch) and are a blast if you enjoy great gospel music. There are amazing piano players and singers who are super supportive and encouraging. Many of the songs played and sung are written by the participants, which is neat.

The lyrics to the songs are meaningful and deliver a wonderful message about Jesus. I would encourage anyone interested in Music with a spiritual message to give Southern Gospel Music a chance.


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