How Minimalism Affects Your Marriage

Check out Cut The Crap’s post about how Minimalism can affect your marriage positively!

Cut the Crap

While perusing Netflix one day, my husband stumbled upon a documentary about minimalism.  The idea intrigued him, and he started talking to me about it.  He told me how minimalism is supposed to add joy to your life by removing things that do not bring you joy.  It’s supposed to help you keep your house cleaner and lower your stress.  Well, my house is always a mess and I’m always stressed, so that sounded like a great idea.  I jumped onboard faster than he thought I would (he had asked a packrat if she would be willing to get rid of her stuff, so he was pretty surprised that I agreed at all).

We started with our clothes, and we continued with our office.  With our momentum rising, we vanquished our kitchen, got rid of a ton of furniture (we came to realize that it just gave…

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