Don’t Follow Your Passion!

Recently, I watched a video on YouTube by PragerU and narrated by Mike Rowe. In the video, Mike tells us not to follow our passions, but rather, opportunities that arise. Just because something is our passion doesn’t mean that we’re good at it. How many times on American Idol, or similar shows, do we see individuals who think they can sing, but really cannot. They have been told by their friends and family that they can sing and that they should “follow their passion.”

I don’t think people should avoid doing things just because they’re not good at it, but they shouldn’t make that a career choice. Go where there is a need, a demand. Mike tells about a sewage tank cleaner who is almost a millionaire because no one else wanted to do the job. He said that he saw what and where everyone else was headed and chose to go the opposite direction. Crap had become his passion.

This subject sort of relates to my earlier article The American Education System…One Big Fail, in that we should guide people to an area of need, to show them a path that society has a demand for. They shouldn’t be forced to do these jobs, but rather shown the opportunity that accompanies them.

Let’s create a society of skilled tradesmen and every other profession. We need to stop trying to educate everyone on every subject. Help them find their path, guide them through training, and set them up for success.

Don’t follow your passion. Follow opportunity and bring your passion with you.


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